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WHAT IS REQUIRED? Mentor Job Description

Term: One school year 
Role: Volunteer
Location: Mentoring occurs at the student’s school.
Duties: To meet regularly on school premises each week with student.  The meetings can be at lunch, school programs, or activity period.  Primarily, you are the student’s friend who listens, shares and exchanges.
Hours: Flexible.  Scheduling is based on the availability of the mentor and the student’s class schedule.
Supervision: Mentor/student relationships are managed by the Program Director and Jasper County Schools.  A Board of Directors governs program operations. 
Training: Mentors must attend a 2-hour workshop.  Training for mentors is provided to enhance the mentoring experience for both the mentor and mentee.

Essential Mentor Characteristics:
A mentor must be a dependable, caring individual.  When mentors arrange a meeting time with their students, they must honor that commitment.  Attending the mentoring sessions must be given the highest priority.  If you find you can no longer honor your commitment, please inform the Program Director immediately.


Mentors must complete an application, background check and interview process and attend an instructional workshop. During trainings each mentor receives an activity book providing helpful information on how to successfully communicate and interact within the mentor/student relationship. Mentors are also advised regarding appropriate behaviors, school regulations, proper reporting of suspected abuse, and various activities sponsored by the program.

The following activities are provided for those who wish to participate:

  1. Mentor support meetings provide opportunities to exchange ideas, discuss common concerns and review guidelines.
  2. Each year we have a holiday educational and “character building” program. Dinner is provided for mentors, mentees, parents and siblings. We select a theme addressing important issues such as school attendance and truancy, drug and alcohol abuse, healthy lifestyles and bullying.
  3. Our field trips combine an opportunity for mentor and mentee bonding, while exposing children to new cultural experiences.
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