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Poverty and lack of privilege in Jasper County is a cycle perpetuated by academic failure and a lack of strong positive role models.  This cycle can be overcome through mentoring programs.  Giving students of Jasper County Public Schools the opportunity to create friendships with caring volunteer mentors allows them to learn of new opportunities and experience different lifestyles that can lead to academic, social, and professional success and exiting the cycle of poverty.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation 2011 Kids Count Project indicates Georgia has an overall rank of 42 nationally for the well-being of children.  The study reveals the following:

  • 38% of children are in single parent homes
  • 25% of children live in poverty
  • 32% of children live in families where no parent has fulltime employment


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Why are Georgia’s Graduation Rates so Low?

An article in Atlanta magazine examines which cultural forces and societal troubles contribute to our state’s low high school graduation rates.  The article analyzes the following:  “By 2014, more than 30 percent of Georgia’s jobs will require postsecondary education, according to the Department of Labor projections.  That’s grim news for the 311 or so Georgia students who drop out every school day - and for Atlanta’s communities and businesses.  The state’s high school graduation rates are among the lowest in the nation.  Students from low-income families may lack support at home.  When parents work multiple jobs, kids are left to motivate themselves to complete homework and get themselves to school.  Disadvantaged students struggle against a “culture of low expectations” from parents who don’t yet understand the value of education.  Dropouts from Georgia’s class of 2007 will cost more than $15.4 billion in lost wages, taxes, and productivity over their lifetimes.  If we can increase the high school graduation rate and college registration rates of male students by just 5 percent, the state stands to gain nearly $276 million a year.

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