Be the Missing Piece, Mentor a Child Jasper County Mentor Program - Monticello, Georgia
What might my donation support?
$5 = book for Christmas
$25 = educational field trip for a child
$50 = Christmas dinner and program for a family
$100 = admission for 5 kids to Fernbank/IMAX
$500 = iPad (to improve literacy and math skills!) for use in media center

How much does it cost for one child to be in the program a year?
The cost per child is about $250 a year -- or about $20/month.

How many kids are mentored a year?
About 100.

What happens if we don't reach our goal?
When I cannot accurately predict how much money we can raise, the result is financial stress. This means fewer field trips, less mentor recruitment . . . and ultimately, fewer opportunities for the kids.

What if I can't give financially right now but still want to help?
No problem -- this organization is primarily about service. Would you like to mentor? Or do you know of someone who might be interested in mentoring? Pass the name along so another child can receive the encouragement he or she deserves.

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